The act of writing by itself was determined to function on behalf of the dot irreversibly becoming a line - a limit that divided mind from body and forthwith announced the enslavement of physical freedom to the measurable distance. Such became the predicament between real time and real space. Description, then, became the substitute for and eventual command of image within a united front line. Ever in need of more
space, the word strove beyond mere vibration to settle and populate new surfaces which were to become cut and stacked into a mental line of credit. Haunted by empty space, bounded by the square, this disease of implications soon filled the void of the cube - and such cubes were to become the mother of all creative acts. This war between sense and sensibility, this fruitless and never ending waste of resource, could only be broken by the arrow of "The Enclosed Space Waves Manifesto".

The drawings from "The Enclosed Space Waves Manifesto" are composed of white chalk on black paper. They number 85 and counting. Most of the drawings contain a few words or comments of my own: definitions- real or fictitious, and sentences lifted from writings by other authors- with some of these altered for my own usage. Many of the chosen sentences are scientific in nature, denoting a theme on psychology, scientific logic, and biological observation, and are usually written in a kind of formal, objective manner. These are then matched to a kind of rolling theme based on the use of the square as a visual territorial definition and the use of the room as a model referent to human consciousness. Nearly all the drawings contain solid and dotted line images. The viewer is required to mentally alter each image by cutting along the dotted lines. Sometimes a drawing contains no words or dotted lines, yet the series should be viewed as a punctuated whole with no specific order of appearance. Any words or sentences within each drawing pertain to both the current as well as the final altered images. The dimensions of all drawings are 24"x 26.75”

- Price for one drawing: $425