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I I feel that people are composed of waves. Assuming a mind of their own, they give off waves and absorb others. They are rigidly self-deterministic, but eventually lose their shape. Taken individually, each resembles one big, fat solitary wave. They begin with a front and a back, and sprout a handle by which they are driven. Still, they are social beings. A large group of waves form an ocean or a river, an army or a polymorphous mass of primordial urges. Such a mass of waves can seem to dwindle to the point of extinction, yet soon afterward, rise up to form a formidable presence that cannot be ignored. This presence, however, belies a soup of seemingly petty urges, a hodgepodge of selfish, self-driven, desires. The only thing left for one to do, is to recognize the vanity wavelengths.

Vain adj. 1. Not yielding the desired outcome; unsuccesful; futile; fruitless: a vain attempt. 2. Lacking substance or worth; hollow; idle: vain talk 3. Showing undue preoccupation with or pride in one's appearance, or accomplishments.